The City of Angels

This weekend was one for the books.  It was filled with dance, margaritas, chips and salsa, donuts, farmers markets, the beach, and the beginning of my movement.  This weekend I would say I launched the beginning of "Livin' the dream... THE MOVEMENT" and could not feel more giddy about it (so much more to come in the future, this is literally just the start of something great)

My movement is to prove, show and remind people that you are lucky enough to be here, alive and present. I want people to stop dreaming and start doing, to understand that the best part about living is to actually go out and live, and for you to gain wealth in terms of wisdom and experience.

Livin' the dream is not the glitz and the glam.  It is not your end all be all. It is the grind, the highs and the lows, the celebrations as well as the darkest of days.  It is every single day.  It is finding your purpose, your why in life.  

For those of you who don't know this idea, this movement all began with my dad.  This was his motto in life.  I say was, because he is no longer with us and it is my duty to carry this on.  To keep his legacy alive.  To share, to treasure, and to evolve.  

I believe in signs and I truly believe everything happen for a reason.  I just so happened to launch this "livin' the dream TODAY because tomorrow is not promised" mentality to the world in the "city of angels", the CITY OF FRICKEN ANGELS. Then I take that picture above with those angel wings (Hey dad, I know you're on my shoulders right now) Some may say its a reach (the ones who don't believe) but I don't find it coincidental.  Timing is everything, and that timing is just more proof that my dad is guiding me and watching over me.  

What I learned from a weekend in Los Angeles:

When going to Millennium Dance Complex and observing -- be confident.  Even if and when your style is different, your purpose isn't the same as the gal or guy standing next to you, and when you're not the typical fit.  Just be you and own the dang thing, you'll catch someone's eye.  

When going to a farmers market with amazing food screw the diet.  Live a little and eat the sprinkled donut, eat the Nutella and strawberry crepe, and don't forget the bacon.  Walk a few extra steps to work off those extra calories.

When going to Melrose Trading Post observe people who have a passion for their craft.  Watch them and learn.  Ask questions and be present.

When you're stuck in traffic... every time you get in the car... anytime of the day... any day of the week... try and learn some form of patience.  Remember that you can only control what you can control and traffic is not one of those things.

When you want to try to tight rope on the beach.  DO IT.  Try new things, don't take life too seriously, and when you fall get up and try again.  

When you trip and fall on the sidewalk taking your morning run, remember that even though you ripped your favorite pair of Lululemon leggings, cut up your knees and elbow, and are just flat our embarrassed you can get up and run.  Be grateful for the raspberry knees and battle wounds.

  1. be confident
  2. screw the diet
  3. ask questions/be present
  4. do it
  5. be grateful  
  6. believe in the timing
  7. everything happens for a reason