In each day we have 24 hours.  That's 60 minutes an hour, 60 seconds a minute.  That's 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds in a day.  That's a lot of time to do whatever the hell you want to do with.  I think it's all a matter of using it wisely.  I am all for living life to its fullest and taking ahold of every moment.  But it's hard to do this, every day, of every week, of every month, every year. Impossible if you ask me.  Well now, by impossible, I mean this.  We forget that we are still living life the days you just need a damn break.  To sleep in till noon, eat junk food, Netflix binge on your reality show guilty pleasure, take a day off from the gym, not work, not care, and become a potato for the day.  Maybe this is just me making an excuse for myself? Telling myself it's okay to be in a state of "what the hell am I doing with my life?" To be in the "almost quarter life crisis", the "post grad - I'm still waitressing and cocktailing...", the "my closest relationships are all out their getting after it and I'm just not." 

Hence the why I haven't written a new post in a while.  I'm just here, happy one day and insecure the next. This may seem a bit scatterbrained, going in many directions, but it's what I am feeling in this moment.  So after a few conversations with my people, I'm learning it's okay to be where I am at in life.  I'm just ready and eager for something gratifying, something to make me gain all of the confidence in the world.  In the same token not eager not to jump into something that I am not completely passionate about "just because" it's what I think I should be doing after college.  

But really, all this time on my hands, and the thinking going on in my head has made me think of the concept of time, that's what this is really about. Time and what we do with it.  What people think happens with a lot of it.  

People say things get easier with time.  I don't necessarily agree with that statement.  Sometimes yes, other times, no.  My point is, time is not the only resource you need for everything in life to get easier.  You can't fight through life with only time at your finger tips.  Time itself does not give you the answer to what your career path should be, or what the next stage in your life is (my problem).

Time doesn't make you stop missing people.  I can take this and run in so many directions.  This comes to mind because I have more time on my hands than usually and it's a matter of trying to fill that time with healthy and happy choices.  But it also gives you a lot of alone time (which I care for, but thats a lot of time to think). In the case of missing people, I think time only makes it harder, and that's okay. It makes you understand those that matter and those that just matter a little less. Time doesn't give you growth.  It doesn't give you opportunity alone. What it does give you is, moments.  Moments to live through and remember. 

In the chance that one day someone will tell you that "over time things will get easier", which trust me, at some point if not already someone will tell you this - That time helps feelings diminish, and you'll be okay with just being you.  In these moments, you should think about this - Time may not make things easier but what time offers you is rewarding. Time offers you chances to be forever grateful.  It offers you moments to cherish, moments to grow and become a strong independent person.  In the times you need to be alone remember that you're not alone for the long run.  No matter the people that are away or that are gone. Time is meant to be shared with people as well.  People we love.  People we would miss without.  People who are here.  People and things who make our hearts happy on every spectrum.  

Time is precious.  No matter how we use it, find a way to make it worth using.  When time goes by slow, embrace it.  When time goes by too fast, remember it.  Time will come and it will go.  It's up to us to use it in ways that are most valuable to us.