Hi, I'm a human and I hate feeling, feelings.

As human beings we are all afraid of feeling, feelings. No one wants to get all emotional in front of, well, anyone. Not even themselves. So we all try very hard to hold back that oh so vulnerable feeling of letting people fully in.  

That need to cry (to the point when you have no water left in your body), the want to release anger by throwing cake against the wall or punching someone straight in the throat (I've done both, whoops), the urge to laugh until you want to pee your pants (or do pee your pants).

Heaven forbid you feel one of these things at the wrong time.  Chances are, you will. You have and you will continue to do so.   It'll be like the BareNaked Ladies lyrics:

"I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
Can't understand what I mean?
Well, you soon will
I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve
I have a history of taking off my shirt

At least these barenaked wonders own it.  So admit it, (first step right?) we are emotional beings. I'll start us off. Hi my names Alexa, and I hate feeling, feelings. I think I have an ugly cry, a squeaky laugh or a times a silent one, I may or may not have peed my pants laughing once or twice and probably could have refrained from punching that one person in the throat that one teenaged time of mine, but... I am human so I think it is somewhat okay to do the thing we don't want to do in all unexpected times of life. When all unexpected feelings happen.

Let's be honest, we all think these feelings we get are a sign of weakness.  Challenge yourself to disagree with that statement (I'm also trying to).  Look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning and say "I am strong" Kidding you don't have to do that unless you really want to. Personally, I'd say, "Girly, you are a badass. You have quads of steel, an impeccable view on life, and you deserve a piece of chocolate today.  Keep kicking ass and taking names."

So I think the best thing to do in these times of "weakness" are to find different outlets to release this emotional energy.  That's all emotions are, energy that builds up in our body that needs to be released.  Let me tell ya what though, you do whatever your little heart desires in order to get this energy out into the world (safely of course, don't go purging now). 

Listen to really loud music, dance your booty off, hike up really high mountains, run until your lungs are empty, take a nap in a really comfortable bed, play a sport you're really bad at, or say something a little crazy, somewhat cocky, always entertaining and a bit sassy in the mirror to start off your morning on the right foot. Basically do anything to it's full extent and I bet you'll feel at least an ounce of a bit better.