Blissful moments

The thing about tragedy is this:  It gives you perspective.  It makes you grateful.  It makes small but great moments more meaningful.  I am not here to write all the bad things.  I am here to write about the good ones too.  Great moments don't have to be life altering moments.  They can be oh so simple, but still perfect.  

I am in a moment of complete bliss.  I have managed to find a state of great happiness but not because of anything extravagant. This is something that doesn't happen everyday. The finding this blissful state day in and day out.  That's not reality. Although it would be nice.  However, you have to have bad days to know what good days are and vice versa.  

I am graduating this December and have found that the decisions I made for myself are falling into place.  I feel engaged and inspired to do what I am doing and beyond excited for what the future holds for me. This wasn't my initial plan though. To be going to school over five years, working as much as possible, not dancing as much as I have in the past, planning a back surgery and living far from all of the people I am closest with.  But, plans change.  We find new routes.  We get lost and manage to find our way back.  We get on track.  Not the same track of course.  But one going somewhere. Somewhere magnificent.  We can ask questions.  Try to find answers of where we need to go.  Truth is though, others don't have the answers for what our destiny is.  No matter how much wisdom, knowledge, and experience others have, they don't have all the  answers. Don't think they can't help though, because they can.  Expect things however to not go as planned and be excited for the journey ahead.  

My end goals continue to change on a daily basis.  I am still unsure of what I want to be when I "grow up."  At times this is stressful, we all know this. Living in a society where most think we should know what we want to do by 23.   In reality though, most people don't know what they want to do.  Or their ideas change down the road and in turn, their route changes too.  

This is something I have learned though... today... I am livin' the dream.  Yesterday... I was livin' the dream. And tomorrow... I will be livin' the dream.  I have learned from a little birdie and a beautiful angel that life can be simple but valuable. I don't need a trophy of excellence everyday of my life to prove I am livin' the dream and this is a point many people should grab and run with.  

Find bliss.  As much as you can.  As much as possible.  When it's gone, which it will be.  It will come and go. So search for it.  Stay positive and stay grateful.