Wishing, Wondering, Hoping.

On a daily basis our brains are rattled by everyday life.  We are stuck in class, at work, simply wishing, wondering, and hoping that things were the same as they once were or different than they are now.  Most of the time we step into our chaotic brains and realize that we get stuck outside of what our current reality is.  We think about our future and our past and think less about today.  I don’t think this is the worst thing to do.  To think about our past to learn for a future.  It is our past anyway that makes us who we are today. 

So my question is this?  If we aren’t promised tomorrow, and we already lived yesterday, what does that leave for today?  How do we use what we know and what we want to know to shape a better more focused "today" lifestyle? How do you balance our thoughts about life?

My point is this, and yes it is somewhat of a big contradiction, but hear me out.  Everyone (including myself) says to live in the moment, don't let life pass you by, worry less and live more.  Stop over analyzing, thinking too far ahead, reassessing life decisions, looking to deep into every word or phrase.  However, I say do it.  Do it all.  Over analyze your past, think about your future, but most importantly don't forget right now.  

My theory on this is simple.  As people, in order to grow you need to think about your past.  You need to reminisce the memories.  All of them.  The memories that made you the happiest, where you cried tears of joy, and the memories that made you want to scream in terror, cry for sadness, and had the best of belly laughs.  You have to think about the moments you made without thinking or the ones filled with guilt, envy or jealousy.  Without the past, there is no such thing as a future.  

Just the opposite comes from our future.  You have to think about them.  You have to plan them. Atleast to some extent.  Without plans and goals there is no motivation.  There is no finish line or at least a mile marker.  In order for us to feel like life is worth living we have to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  No one wants to enter a room without knowing or having a clue of what is inside.  With that said we need things to look forward to and without thinking through what we want those to be, quite frankly we will be stuck.  Numb and unmoving.  

What we forget is that the present, right now, it's already over.  It just happened.  It happens in seconds... just like that, the present is gone.  Then, what we have, is a past to reminisce and a future to look forward to. It becomes a memory.  A thought.  Like I said it's one big contradiction, but it's the truth.  

We need all elements to fulfill our lives.  Our past creates our present and our present will dictate our future.  It's one big circle.    

Don't let people tell you what you can and can't do.  Don't let people tell you how to live and not live your life.  That's why we all have our own.  In contrary though, (because this entire post again is one big contradiction) ask for help when you need it.  Just remember all our canvas' are different.  We all tell a different story and have a unique filter on life.  That's the beauty about being us.  There is no right or wrong way to live your life.  

So wish, wonder, and hope.  Look back and look forward. Remember your past, live in the present, and plan your future.