Things happen.

Things happen.  People change. Our paths hit dead ends.  We fight to keep things the same but in reality, as people, we need these things to happen.  To learn, to grow, to succeed.  Is there a right or wrong way to handle these "things?" No.  There aren't steps to the game of life.  There isn't a manual or rule book.  However, I believe there are clues.  

As people we are emotional.  Some more than others but, it's in our blood.  Most of the time we get upset when emotions flair.  We want to hide them.  We want people to know we are strong. Trust me when I say I do this all so well.  I like to think that I am superwoman and not a fragile young lady. Then, I think about it in this light. I believe we are given emotions as a navigation system, a compass.  When we are happy the compass is telling us to stay on that path.  When we are sad the compass is saying we need something to change.  However, the compass is always telling us to move.

At times, it may feel like we always need to change directions. That the compass has a defect. I felt this way for a long time.  What I have realized is that most (not all) but most people dislike change.  We don't like taking big risks and we would rather live in a life filled with comfort.  

So we need to find balance.  We need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Let's be honest, everyday we change.  Physically, mentally, emotionally.  The smallest things change.  For those of you who don't like change, imagine this.  Imagine picking your favorite age and staying like that forever.  Then imagine all of the things you would miss out on.  All of the wonderful things your life has offered you up to this point.  Without change, without time, we would be frozen.  

I find comfort in this.  Comfort in knowing change is good.  I'm actually giving myself my own therapy session.  Time ticks and it terrifies me.  But then I think, if I froze my life right now, although I am a happy soul, I would miss out on the rest of my life.  I would have no college degree, no career, marriage, my own family, and many more unexpected memories I have to look forward to.  

My point is this, and I am telling myself this more than anything.  Things happen, it's how you react to them that will take you places you never imagined going.  So when things get bad, look at your compass, and navigate.  Find what brings you to your happy place.  You won't have exact directions but enjoy the ride. Be happy when you get lost, you never know the experiences you will encounter.  On some trips take people with you, ask for help, watch, and learn.  On others, go alone, grow inside and out, inspire yourself, feel complete.  We can't fight destiny we can only find peace with it.  Trust it and let it take you places.  Enjoy the roadtrip of a lifetime.